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The Mirror 1.4 will allow you to apply changes in the look of a photograph
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The Mirror 1.4 will allow you to apply changes in the look of a photograph. With this program, also known as The Mirror of Beauty, you will be able to change the make-up, hair style and general appearance of the person in a given photo. With the original image in a window, you can apply foundation, lipstick, lip liner, eye shadow, eye liner, brow mascara and blush to a copy of that image, placed in a window on the right. You can evaluate the changes, and accept them if you like. The program can apply some predefined makeovers, such as natural, day, evening, sultry, beach, goth and more. You can even randomize the makeover to apply, or choose a makeover with an added hairdo. Once you´re done with changes, you can print the resulting image or save it to disk. In the demo version, you won´t be allowed to save the results, and if you try to print the final image, it will be crossed by a watermark with the legend "The Mirror". You will have to buy the product in order to remove this limitations.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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